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Harbour Asset (Харбур Ассет) https://harbourassets.comHarbour Asset (Харбур Ассет) https://harbourassets.com

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Официальный сайт: https://harbourassets.com

Телефон: [email protected]

Адрес: New Zealand, Wellington, Level 16, 171 Featherston Street, 6011.

О компании


Harbour Asset Management is an investment Management Company registered with the New Zealand Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”). Harbour Asset Management is a broker-dealer registered with the SEC and member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. (“FINRA”). Harbour Asset Management Investment is solely responsible for its content. Harbour Asset Management Investments is the distributor of Harbour Asset Management investment products, and any Harbour Asset Management Content relating to those investment products is the sole responsibility of Harbour Asset Management Investments. Our strategic innovation road map since 2010 Innovation has long been part of the fabric of Harbour Asset Management culture. Explore how we assess shifting risk and opportunity to build forward- looking solutions for investors. TOTAL RETURN 2010 Harbour Asset Management is founded and innovates a total return approach to bond Investing MORTGAGE 2012 Harbour Asset Management begins to use mortgage backed securities in clients portfolio making the firm one of the earliest investors in the sector. STOCK PLUS 2014 with four years after S&P 500 index futures contract begin trading, Harbour Asset Management introduce stock plus strategies-groundbreaking portable alpha strategies that pair equity index futures with actively managed bond portfolio. COMMODITIES 2010 building on the firms real return practice, Harbour Asset Management expand into commodities and goes on to becomes one of the world largest commodities managers. ALTERNATIVE:- In 2012 Harbour Asset Management launches alternative strategy and expand the line in response to capital markets innovation. ACTIVE ETF Managed exchange traded fund together with CFDs. Today we are the world largest active ETF and CFDs manager. CRYPTOCURRENCY INVESTMENT COMPANY 2017 we extended our innovative strategies to crypto which is the world fastest growing equity. We have experts that apply super bot in crypto trading and mining as such we give our client the best return on investment (ROI). REAL ESTATE 2020 Harbour Asset Management assumes oversight of Allianz Real Estate making the combined business one of the world largest real estate platform, with more than $100 billion in real estate asset. Harbour Asset Management also partner with the following organisations in New Zealand, KiwiSaver Funds, IWI Government Institutions, and Corporate Superannuation Funds.

Harbour Asset Management is the number one market leader in the trading and development of highly scalable cryptocurrency systems. Our products have been successfully profitable for customers for more than five years. Customers choose to be with us because of our specific performance: only in 2020, more than 80% of our products showed growth of over 3000% with virtually zero cost. We have accomplished this through consistent development, earning not only from cryptocurrency but also from the presence of many of our mining farms located in the European Union. With Harbour Asset Management , you are guaranteed to increase your capital!

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  2. Интересный брокер, я вам скажу) Далеко не идеальный вариант для сотрудничества, да и отзывы — тоже не фонтан. Сайт испещрен грамматическими ошибками. Брокер откровенно никому не известен.

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